Welcome to Bali

Bali Compass Tours is a driver/tourist service like no other in Bali. So …. what makes us different?

At Bali Compass Tours, we believe in providing a fair and honest service and pride ourselves on our transparency and trustworthiness. The price advertised, is the price you will pay. NO HIDDEN COSTS! In addition to our exceptional services, a portion of sales will be redirected to local communities in need.

Bali Compass Tours, is lead by experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and friendly local Balinese Drivers, with an in depth knowledge of Bali life, culture, religion and traditions. Who better to impart this knowledge, but a Balinese local? We WANT you to feel like you’re a part of our family and endeavour to exceed your expectation of what you consider to be a great service. If you love our services (which we’re sure you will) please recommend us to your family and friends.

Bali Compass Tours is dedicated to supporting local Balinese communities by providing assistance to those who are disadvantaged. This may be children who without our support would be unable to attend school, or the elderly who are unable to work and need a helping hand with food, clothing or other necessities.

By supporting Bali Compass Tours, in turn you are supporting local Balinese people and their communities.

Thank you very much for using our services and supporting our communities. We look forward to making your holiday dreams come true by showing you around our Island paradise; Bali, our home and welcoming you into our family.

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